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Warning: The following Reader-Insert contains AU, OOC, Fast-Paced Plot, Bad Descriptions, Nudity, and Sexual Activity.
But I never said it was a bad thing~~


You walked purposefully through the hallway at school, a pair of hockey skates slung over your shoulder. You were quite excited about what was going on right now. Your school didn't have a girls' hockey team, which left you one choice; to try out for the guys team.
After all, there were no rules in the student handbook against that.


All that had happened two years ago, when you were in your second year of highschool. Now you were in your fourth, and final.

When you'd gone to the tryouts, the pair of coaches had taken a single look at you and sent you off, saying that there was no way in hell that a girl would be playing on their team. You had been utterly furious at that, and you'd reasoned with every bit of eligible information you had.
But it hadn't been enough.

Since that day, you'd been trying to get enough girls rounded up to start a female league, but even doing so, you were never completely satisfied. It seriously pissed you off that you weren't allowed to play with the boys because you were dubbed the 'weaker' sex.
"Stupid coaches." You grumbled, tightly wrapping a very large, very wide ace bandage around your chest. It was uncomfortable pressing your breasts down like you were doing now, but it was necessary.

Men didn't have boobs, after all.

Shorty afterwards, you wiped all previous makeup off your face, and tucked your hair up into a ski cap; a thing not uncommon to wear underneath a hockey helmet.

You stared at yourself in the mirror once you were fully 'guy-ified'. There was something...not-quite-right. You glanced downwards at your pants and realized your mistake. Guys had stuff in between their legs....riiiiight.
"Crap." You muttered, chewing on your lip while trying to figure out how to make that work.

After a few seconds, though, you gave up and whipped out your cell phone.

Okay, long story short, I need to make it look like I have...male parts. How? You texted your best, and most trusted female friend, Elizaveta. She was a bit of a pervy young woman at times, and had a bad habit of smiting people with frying pans, but she was a loyal, strong buddy.

You phone buzzed, and you clicked it open.

Why are you asking?? That wasn't what  I meant when I said you needed to get some cock!
You felt your eye twitch at the comment, and started typing back.

I know that, perverted woman! I've been unsuccessful with hockey for the last two years, so fuck it, I'm disguising myself as a boy and I'm going to play with them!

You sent away the little message, and were unsurprised when your cell beeped not a half-minute later.

Try a roll of socks.


So there you stood a few hours later with your skates laced tightly on your feet, various body padding attached to you, and a stick grasped firmly in your hands. The coach who was going to make the first cut was yelling directions out, telling everyone what he was expecting if you were to make the team, yadda yadda yadda.

He called people off into teams and sent you to opposite sides of the rink. Already you could feel your blood boiling with adrenaline. You loved hockey so was definitely one of your favourite pastimes.

The puck was dropped and everyone was on their toes trying to snag it away from the opponents. You narrowed your eyes as you watched the little object get tossed around, until finally you saw your chance.
You shot forward, right in front of the previous years' Captain, and stole the much-sought-after item away. You hid a chuckle when you heard a very quiet, startled noise from him as you sped away to the net.


"Alright boys, first cuts will be posted on Monday. Now go shower, you all stink!" And with that, the older man disappeared into his own office, leaving you and several other teenaged dudes to yourself.
"H-hey!" You heard someone call, and instinctively, you craned your neck to see who was speaking...only to have a skater glide right up to you.

"Hey, your name's...__(Boy Name)__...right?" It was Matthew Williams. You froze when you saw his expression: you'd stolen the puck from him –rather evilly, in fact-, and you currently couldn't tell if he was annoyed about this fact, or pleased with your skill.

"Um...yeah. It is." You replied, attempting not to sound awkward, nervous, shaky or anything else that might hint at your fear and/or feminism.

You were patted harshly on the shoulder, and the blond Canadian pulled his helmet off.
Oh my god...he's so cute.... you thought to yourself, swallowing the lump forming in your throat.

"I haven't seen you're new?" He wondered. You nodded.
"Y-yeah..I'm...staying with my sister for the school year! Well, I'm not staying with her. We have this family-exchange program thing, so I'm staying in her house....with her family...and she's at my house, with my family, so we're not staying together and--...I'm going to stop talking now." You groaned at the fact you sucked at fibbing and pulled your helmet off, the tuque thankfully staying on your head.

" really look a lot like ______.....are you twins or something?" Matthew asked, and you gulped.

"Um...yes. We are. We're really close." Closer than you think....

"That's cool! You're really good at hockey...have you been playing long?" He inquired, and started off towards the changerooms. You followed in suit so that you wouldn't look suspicious.
"Since I was five. My Dad taught me, and I really liked it, so I stuck with it."

You walked into the shower/dressing area and wrinkled your nose.
"Good god....sometimes I wonder how guys smells horrid in here..." You hissed under your breath, and you realized you'd actually said it kind of loud.
You huffed at the strange-faced looks you received and stuck your nose up.
"Pardon me for priding myself in smelling good." You started pulling protective equipment off until you were in nothing but a pair of boxers (lent to you by Elizaveta, thankfully) and a loose undershirt.

That was when you felt a bunch of eyes on you.

"What?" You whined, looking at your possible teammates with rounded (e/c) orbs. Matthew turned a little pink in the cheeks and glanced away. You –thinking maybe you had given your secret away- checked all about your body for signs....but everything was intact.
"Okay, so why are you all staring?"

"You're so...tiny....and you kind of beat the shit out of all of us. You checked Mattie into the boards! How?" One of the other dudes cried, earning snickers from his friends at the high-pitched sound. You shrugged and pulled a clean over-shirt on, then a pair of jeans.
"I guess it's 'cuz Matthew let his guard down for a single second, and I saw an opening.'s because I'm smaller than you that I kicked ass. I'm quicker...."

The teams' captain tossed an arm over your shoulders, clearly still wrapped up in the game (or else he wouldn't have done that).
"You've also been playing for thirteen years." He mumbled, and you grinned.
"That too!" You paused for a moment. "How do you know how old I am?"

Mattie released you and walked over to his locker with beet-red cheeks. A bunch of other guys snickered.
"Because he's obsessed with your sister!" Someone cheered out, earning a towel-whipping from someone else.

The change rooms filled up with ruckus and chaos almost instantly, and you slipped out with your equipment unnoticed.

______! You there? How was everything? Did you die? You're alive, right? Can i have your stuff if you aren't? A text message greeted you, and you rolled your eyes when you saw it.

Yes, I'm alive, Lizzie. You typed her nickname to show you weren't annoyed with her. But, I just found out that Matthew likes my 'sister'. You clicked 'send' and waited.

And by sister, you mean you?


Monday rolled around quite quickly for you. You'd gone home the evening of tryouts and explained your predicament to your parents. They weren't pleased with the huge lie you were getting yourself wrapped up in, but since it was your last year of highschool, AND you had been working your butt of with attempting to start a girls team for nearly two solid years, they promised to go along with it.
But you also had to promise that you wouldn't so something stupid like this again...which you did.

"D'you think I'll make the cut?" you asked Elizaveta while the pair of you walked down the school hallway.
"Well duh! You're the most talented guy I've ever met, __(b/n)__." The both of you snickered a little and tread slowly up to the sheet of first cuts.

You read down the list:

-Matthew Williams
-Gilbert Beilschmidt (Lord of Awesome)

You snorted at Gilberts' penmanship beside his name, and continued searching.

Your fingers made it to the bottom of the list with no luck, and you turned to your female friend in slight despair, pouting harshly...but oddly enough, and was standing there with her arms crossed and her eyebrows raised.
"You're a boy now. You looked for your actual name, didn't you?"

You mentally facepalmed at your mistake and re-checked. Sure enough, there it was: __(b/n)__, right beneath Gilbert's.
"Hell yes I made the cut!" You did a goofy little thrust of your hips, jumped over to your best friend and hugged her. She laughed and patted your back, and briskly shoved you away when more guys came around the corner to hunt for their initials.


"I ache..." You whispered, lying on your living room floor watching cartoons. Your mother set another icepack on your body, and you groaned. The past three weeks had been absolutely brutal. Every morning you got up at 4:30am to make it to practice, second, third and fourth cuts at 5am, then school started at 9....and more practice happened after classes....

You were beat.

"I....hate...this..." You sobbed dramatically. It also didn't help that you had the Worlds' Worst Cramps.

"Oh, suck it up ______! You signed up for this! Besides! You made final cuts! You're on the team and you can't quit now!" Eliza called from your couch, cheerfully chowing down on a bowl of popcorn. You tried to glare at her, but only ended up making a muscle in your neck spasm a bit.
You plopped your head back into your arms.

"I know, and I really do like playing hockey. It makes me feel stronger, and it's a MAJOR stress reliever....but I can help but think that one of these days, some of the guys are gonna realize I'm a chick...and it's kind of...awkward...when they just start changing in front of me. Yes, I'm supposed to be a man right now, but I'm not, and I still think that male bodies are amazing so I have a habit of staring! Someone's going to catch me if I don't control myself....."
Elizaveta looked at you.
"Did you say something?"
You sighed and closed your eyes.


Beep! Beep! Beep! Bee- You crushed your fist down on your alarm clock and rolled out of bed, making a loud thump as you solidly hit the floor. You then proceeded to crawl to the bathroom –far too lazy to stand up- to take a shower.
Your wall phone stopped you, though, and you moved to pick it up.

"Hello?" You asked groggily.

Hey! __(b/n)__! This is the Awesome Gilbert calling your Not-As-Awesome self! School's cancelled today, so after practice we -we being the awesome hockey team- are all going to hang out at Matthew's house and have some fun!
You didn't really want to ask what he meant by 'fun' because you were positive it wasn't going to be board games and lollipops, but you agreed to go anyways.

That's awesome dude! Then he hung up.

"Just great..." You trailed off, letting the phone hang around in your hand for a few minutes afterwards.


"__(b/n)__....dammit, I think you wrenched my shoulder with that hit! Why did you punch me so hard? Why did you punch me at all!" Gilbert whined at you and you shrugged.
"You were in my way, and your face was pissing me off." You stated simply, pulling your jersey off and tossing it into your bag. A bunch of 'oooo's and 'burn!'s echoed throughout the changing room.
But Gilbert refused to give up.

"Did you know that when you're a little kid, and a boy likes a girl, he's rude to her? So, girlyboy, when are you going to admit you love me? Hmmmmm?" He taunted, and you put a hand on your hip.

"First of, Mr. Unawesome, I'm straight. And second, by saying the sentence you just said, you called yourself a girl~" You pointed out coyly, now only in an undershirt that you had specially picked out to cover the Ace around your upper torso.
The albino teen 'kesesese'ed and smirked evilly. "You're as straight as I am." He chirped, gave you an all-knowing look (which unsettled you greatly), and planted one on you.

You had honestly been about to squeal, push him off, and fling a shitstorm at him, but Matthew beat you to the punch...literally. One second, Gilbert was attached to your face, and the next he was holding his nose while leaning against the lockers....and Mattie was between you two.
By that point, the entire locker room was silent.

"Matt...?" you began, but he grabbed his stuff quickly and bolted from the room as fast as possible.

"What the hell was that about?" You murmured to yourself.


Things had been...unusually tense since 'the incident' as everyone called it. Personally, you felt that people should have just dropped it and gone on with their lives, but it was high school. High schoolers gossip and linger on dumb things.
But really...almost five months, now?

Now, all of your team members sat in a semicircle in the meeting room, with Coach standing in the middle, facing the lot of you.
"Alright, men, finals are coming up real fast, so we are going to practice harder than before, longer than before, and we're going to get better, and we're going to win! Are we clear?" The last part earned a couple of chuckles in amongst the cheering and hollering, even from you.

"Alright, gear up! We've got four long hours of skating around ahead of us!"

You tossed on your uniform, but froze. Four hours?

"" You called, and the tall man craned his head to look at you with a raised eyebrow.
You twiddled your thumbs.
"I have to leave in the middle of practice....I have a meeting to get to at 6, and it's nearly a half hours' drive away..." You explained. You'd gotten an interview of sorts with the director of the college you were planning on attending after highschool, so you couldn't miss it.
You explained this also, and your Coach nodded, excusing you.


You were running late. You forgot that the clock in the arena was slow, so you weren't going to have time to shower at home anymore...Crap...crap crap crap... You thought, and stilled from all movement for a couple seconds.
Everyone was out on the rink...there wasn't any reason for them to come back into the change rooms, let alone the showers, until the end of training.

You pulled off your clothes and ran briskly into the trail of steaming, wet droplets, letting them cleanse you of all sweat, grime, and stiff muscles.

-Out in the Arena-

Matthew sat on one of the many benches used to watch the people who were skating. Things had been no less than awkward between he and __(b/n)__...and he couldn't say he liked it. He considered that boy a friend; a good friend. One that he could always talk to.
Besides that, his sister was hot. So it was a double-pointer.

Sighing, the quiet blond slipped away from the loudness of his comrades into the Lockers, hoping to catch __(b/n)__ before he left.

-Back with You-

You hummed almost silently while you rinsed various soaps and smelling gels form your hair and were really, REALLY happy that you'd seen a brand name of bodywash in Matthew's bathroom one time....the stuff smelled amazing.

"Hey, __(b/n)__? You in here?" You heard the call. Unfortunately, you heard too late, and pair of blue eyes peeked past the shower curtain.
Blue eyes that noticed your nakedness, and absolutely 100% female body.

The two of you did nothing but stare at each other for what felt like hours. Finally, after the initial shock passed, you squealed and threw a squeejie (1) at your Peeping Mister.
"GET OUT MATTHEW!" You screamed. Grabbing a towel to toss around yourself in any attempt to save your any attempt to get him to unsee your clothes-free skin...

"M-maple...." The Canadian squeaked, finally averting his eyes, sporting the reddest face you'd ever seen.
"You're a....wait....what?" he began, but clearly confusion sunk in after he was about to state the obvious.

"I'm...sorry." You whispered. "But it was the only way i could play! I swear! I tried for two years to get a girls' hockey team set up, but no one wanted to play! And I wasn't allowed to join the boys team...." You went further on to explain everything that had happened right from point A – deciding to dress as a boy, all the way down to part Z – what was happening in this moment.

The Canadian stared at the floor, and suddenly your coach came rushing in.
"I heard someone scream! No one's dead, right? I'd get fined if someone was so-" He stopped fast in his tracks when he saw you, who was now pulling a towel around yourself, and tensed.

"I knew there was something strange about you, boy...girl....whatever. You didn't have records of a brother, ever! You lied to me, and to the team. And went behind all of our backs. Not to mention, you're a girl. You're off the team, ______. For good. Now get dressed and get out." He ordered, and stormed from the room, slamming the door behind him.
You stared after him, not uttering a sound.

"So....everything I said about your sister...about just stood there, and it was nothing."
You let your shoulders drop in shame. There was no way you could tell him that you liked him back; not after all of this. He probably hates me now... you thought, holding back the salty tears that wanted to sink over your eyelashes.

"I....I have a meeting to get to." You whispered and brushed past him over to your clothes.


It had been a week since you were kicked off the team, and so far it was the most miserable week of your life. Word of your scam had gotten around the school pretty fast, and now it seemed that it was all anyone ever talked, teased and breathed about.
By Wednesday, you'd had enough ridicule and crude comments to last you for the rest of your adolescent life; even your friends had stopped hanging around you –except Elizaveta.

"So...what are you gonna do about it?" She asked you during lunch period. You shook your head and shrugged.
"I had it coming, Lizzie. It's my own fault for thinking I was entitled to a little bit of happiness and equality." You growled, and stalked away, leaving a worried and upset friend in the cafeteria, with a plate full of gross, burnt food.


"So, the final game for your team is on Friday...." You mother brought up at the dinner table one evening, eyeing your while sucking a very long noodle past her lips. You rested your face in your hand and twirled your fork into the pasta.
"It's not my team anymore, kicked off." You admitted. You'd refrained from telling them since it happened, mostly not wanting to speak about Matthew seeing you naked (your Dad would strangle him).

Both your parents looked at you in utter surprise, their eyebrows nearly disappearing into their hairlines. You slumped in your seat and glanced up at them.
"They found out I was a girl, and coach kicked me off." You explained, and your father rubbed his chin.

"You got kicked off because you were a girl?" He inquired, and you were about to respond 'no'...but then your cogs started turning.
You hadn't been allowed on the team because of your gender; they hadn't even taken a peek at your skill and ability. And when you'd gotten kicked off...sure, there had been the fact that you lied, but even so, one usually didn't get banished for something like that.
Especially if one was as good as you'd gotten.

"Not to mention, you're a girl." You stated the coach's words aloud, and grinned at the members of the dinner table.

"I'll eat later!" You told them, and stood up. "I have something I need to...prepare." You the disappeared up into your bedroom. You had a phone call to make.


Friday rolled around quickly, and quite frankly, Matthew was freaking the fuck out. Ever since you left, the team had been playing horribly...not only had you been an important piece to the well-oiled machine called the Hockey Gang, but you'd also been a friend to them.
It wasn't the same without you.

"Hey, Mattie!" Gilbert called, gliding over to the wall after a couple of warms ups. "Are you alright?" He asked, crossing his arms.
The shorter blond lifted his shoulders and dropped them in an uncaring motion.
"We're going to get creamed tonight. All the plays involved ______ somehow, so we had to change them back to last years'....and last year we didn't even make it to playoffs...." The Canadian let out a moue of complaint and distaste.
"I guess we'll just have to make-do without her..."


You listened intently for the sound of the buzzer, waiting just outside the locker room doors. When you heard the noise that signified the start of the second period, you snuck in to change. You'd taken a quick look at the game as you entered the Arena, and your Boys weren't doing good....actually, they were four points behind...sitting at zero.

"Alright." You growled, whipping on various pieces of body protection. You sat to tie up your skates: skates with laces that matched your bright red jersey. Then you yanked on your helmet.
"Let's do this."


Gilbert slid head-first into the wall, making the glass vibrate and a crash echo around. He groaned and laid on the ice, too dizzy to get up. He was plucked from the cold, slippery surface by Matthew, and set on the bench to recover.
"We're one short now..." The blue-eyed teen mumbled to himself, and the Prussian who was lolling around in a disoriented manner made a sound of objection.
"Nein. ______ just walked outta the lockers...can't you hear her and coach yelling?" He said, as if it were obvious.


"No!" You hissed venomously. "I WILL play. You can't keep me off the ice just because I'm a girl! You know damn well that i can play as well as ALL these guys!" You argued, and the man rolled his eyes in irritation.
"I will NOT have some weak little girl on my hockey team. This is a man's sport, and I don't want you ruining it!" He bellowed, and you smirked, looking upwards into the stands.

Standing right above you was the principle of your highschool, and he'd just heard every sexist word that came out of the Coach's mouth.
The two left a few moments after, muttering a little about losing jobs and hiring a new Leader.

You turned to the rink.

"Need a hand?" You wondered, hopping on to the smooth white mass affront you, and a ton of cheers radiated through your teams' box.

The opposing team watched as you glided gracefully out, and stopped at your position.
"Go easy on me...." You whispered to the other guy perched several feet from you, mirroring your stance. He swallowed upon realizing your gender, and nodded with a pink face, entranced by your cuteness.

The puck was dropped and you sped around, taking extra care to knock your enemies into the boards when you got the chance.

Never said I go easy on you~


Everyone was squealing and cheering and crying happy tears back at Matt's house. Naturally, you were hoisted up on a bunch of shoulders, a big, shiny, gold trophy in your hands, held high above your head.
"THIS IS TO OUR TEAM!" You yelled. "Forever undefeated!" You heard an 'and awesome' from somewhere, and everyone let out cheerful, boisterous laughter.

You were put back on the ground, and the proof of your victory was put on display...and it looked marvellous. It was not only a symbol of winning the game, but also of winning your rightful spot on the team, no matter your gender.

Suddenly, and hand was laid on your shoulder, and you whirled around to see Matthew, blushing something fierce.

"Look, ______, I'm sorry about my reaction to finding out you were a girl." He began. "And I'm really sorry for not looking away when you were in the shower! That was kind of rude of me...but you're just really pretty, and I couldn't help myself, and it was probably very awkward for you –actually, it kind of was for me too- but I just wanted to let you know that I never meant to make you upset or anything, okay?" He gushed, using all the air he'd had in his lungs.

You giggled.

"There is only one way you can make it up to me..." You trailed off at the end and peeked at him coyly. The Canadian tipped his head sideways in curiosity, and you dove forward, connecting your lips in a happy, soft kiss.

===-Four Years Later-=== (Lemon-time)

"You all did so good today!" You chirped to the gaggle of little kids skating around in front of you. They giggled and crowded around, tiny hockey sticks in hand.
"Did everyone have fun?" You asked, and a chorus of yeses flew about.

You told all the mini-players to go see their parents and get changed, while you hung back. The college you had hoped to attend had been dedicated to hockey, and you'd gone...but only for the first semester. You loved the game, but the school was just so...competitive. You liked it better when you were just having playful games with your friends.
You knew that such things would never happen if you went pro, so you left.

Matthew, however, had stayed. Ironically, the two of you had been opting for the same after-school-schooling, so it had been a huge surprise when you'd run into each other on campus one afternoon.

You sped around the rink a couple times to get the antsy feeling out from under your skin. He was coming back today, Matthew. The college was on the other side of the country, so you'd barely seen him in the past three years: but finally, he'd graduated and was on his way home.

"Mattie..." You mumbled giddily.


You opened the front door of your apartment only to be hit in the face with the smell of....pancakes?

Your eyes widened and you dashed into the kitchen to find a large plate filled with steaming, tasty food. You wandered over and stole one, sat down, then turned to the Canadian at the stove.
"Hey handsome." You cooed, and he turned his head to look at you with a smile.

"Hey beautiful." You turned pink around the ears at his not-uncommon way of greeting you...though you still remained to be the only person he talked so openly to.

With a click, the burner on which a pan sat was flipped off, and your boyfriend tread over to you.
"I missed you." You barely managed to get out before your mouths were connected in a slightly rough, open-mouthed kiss. You squeaked at Mattie's forwardness, and he took the opportunity to pull you up from the kitchen chair into a loving embrace.

You reached down shyly and toyed with the bottom of his shirt, unsure if this is where the both of you were headed. But you felt him smirk a little as he started tugging you towards your bedroom.


"" You moaned when he found the soft spot on your neck, and started attacking it with his lips. Your shirt had been discarded somewhere in the hallway, and your pants were sitting dangerously low on your hips.
"Mmm?" He made a sound of question, and you once again started pulling at the hem of his T-shirt, very much wanting it off.
"You have...too many damn clothes on...."

Barely a second later, the smooth cotton article of clothing was hitting the floor with a light plop. You looked at it momentarily before turning back to your boyfriend with a gulp. You'd seen him without a shirt before, but he never looked so....
"You're hot." You thought out loud, turning redder than a freshly cooked lobster.

He set a gentle kiss on your jaw and pulled back to stare at you.
"You're perfect." He retorted, and pulled you up a little so he could unhook the clasp on your bra. You weren't nearly as embarrassed as you thought you'd be; after all, he'd walked in on you naked back in high school.

"Haah...." You gasped when the blond started rolling a pert nipple around with his tongue. God, where did he learn to do that? You made more incoherent mumblings as he toyed around, feeling the heat in between your legs growing stronger with each lick.

You squirmed in place. "Matthew Williams." You whined. "If you don't finish with our clothes right now I'm going to do it myself..." You tried to keep your voice strong, but it was proving to be difficult when someone was biting you.

"Fuck." You hissed between clenched teeth. "Mattie, I need you..please..."

Something inside him seemed to snap a little, and in a swift motion he tugged both your sweatpants and panties down in one motion. The cool air on your lower regions startled you a bit, though it did provide a small amount of relief.
Asudden, you let out a low, throaty groan when he latched himself onto your clit, sucking hard.

You threw your arm over your face as pleasure shot up your spine and radiated to the tips of each and every nerve ending. Your toes curled into the puffy sheets that you were atop, your squeaks and mewls heard in every corner of the room.

"Matt....Matthew..." You chanted, and finally you had to pull him off of your womanhood. He gave you a confused and worried expression, thinking he may have done something wrong. You leaned forward and kissed him, tasting the salty-sweet remnants of yourself on his lips.
"I need you. Now." You told him in between the soft peck of mouths.

It seemed that was all it took for him to practically jump out of his jeans and fill you to the brim.

A muffled cry tore forth from your throat. This wasn't the first time you'd had sex with him, but it had been a long time, so it stung a bit.

"Ssh...." The Canadian soothed, covering every piece of your flesh he could reach with love bites. Luckily, you adjusted quite quickly, and rolled your hips upwards to let him know. With an osculation to your neck, and a caress to your hip, Matthew set forwards a seemingly painful-fast pace, though it was anything but painful to either of you.

You moaned, and mewled, and panted, and made every other pleasure-induced noise ever invented, right up until the very end when your bliss-level went overboard. Your wrapped your arms around Matt and pulled him flush against you, he not seeming to care that you were digging your nails into his shoulders.

He spilled into you shortly after your orgasm, and you both sagged back into the bed, out of breath. You moved around so that you were facing him.
"I love you." You told him, and he slunk his arms around your body, tugging you close. "I love you, too."

Then he tensed up, and looked at you with worry.
"We forgot protection..." But you were already sleeping happily.

~~Extended Ending~~

You sat in a small corner cafe with Gilbert, drinking a hot cup of decaffeinated tea. The pair of you hung out on a regular basis now, meeting up whenever you needed or wanted to talk about random things.
A thought had occurred to you earlier that morning, so you'd called him up and told him to meet you.

"Gilbert, there's one thing I've been confused about. Back in grade kissed me. But I was a boy then, and you said that I was as straight as you....and you have a girlfriend...." You eased off when he threw his head back and laughed.
"______, I knew you were female the whole time!"

Your eyes widened in a silent question, and the albino smiled at you. "I know a frau when I see one. Speaking of which..." He looked down at your rounded belly, and set his fingertips gently upon your skin.
"Did you find out its gender yet?"

You grinned widely and nodded.
"She's a girl, and it's funny, because whenever someone says 'hockey', she moves around." As if on cue, the tiny person inside you kicked around.

Gilbert chuckled fondly. "That little frau is going to be a handful, especially if you're the Mom!"

Your promptly whacked him over the head with a rolled up newspaper, giggling.
21 pages....of crud.....:iconfacedeskforeverplz:

:star:However, i do like comments~~~

(1) A squeejie is what i call a bathtub scrubby-buddy...or one of those things that you use with body wash. Like a sponge, but different.
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